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We have years of experience creating bold and effective political mail designs to get you noticed by voters. Our team of in-house designers ensures that every political mail design piece matches USPS mailing standards so that they can be sent out without issues. Below are some examples of political mail designs we have created.

Political Mail Design

Political Postcards

Political postcards are good for getting your message across immediately, with no need for voters to open an envelope. You’ll save money on production costs as well. Political postcards typically include a short and pointed message with an image of the candidate. Our in-house team of graphic designers are mail design experts, and will ensure that your political postcard meets all USPS requirements.

Political Self Mailers

Use political self mailers to keep costs down while informing voters of where you stand. Political self mailers are great for a letter or longer message. They do not require envelopes, as they are folded pieces of heavier paper that “self mail,” so-to-speak. All of the political self mailers our in-house team designs conform to USPS mailing standards.

Political Rack Cards

Political rack cards are great for handing out at campaign events or fundraisers. They typically included a short message and a photo of the candidate. While political rack cards can be printed on any weight of paper, it is advised to print these on a heavier paper weight so that they are sturdy and do not bend easily. Political rack cards can also be mailed out as a rack card sized postcard.

Political Door Hangers

Political door hangers are a great way to increase candidate visibility at a low cost. They can be handed out or included in a political mailing. Political door hangers typically include a short message and a photo of the candidate.

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